"We read to know we are not alone"
C.S. Lewis

The Learning Resource Centre at Scissett Middle School is a busy, vibrant and exciting environment which offers a wide range of resources to promote reading, facilitate research and arouse curiosity.

Books still constitute the main resource and to date, the centre has approximately 5,000 titles which are divided into 3 categories: fiction, non-fiction and reference. In addition, we regularly accept donations and utilise Book Fair sales to replenish titles.

In an increasingly technological age, we recognise the need to embrace advances in this field and so pupils have access to an ever-growing number of computers, audio books and Kindles.

Our LRC is now a regularly used classroom for all year groups. Pupils also have the opportunity to visit during break, lunch and reflection time to browse and borrow books, with the help of our trusty and dedicated Year 7 & 8 Librarians.

It is also home to our Reading Ambassadors, who meet frequently here to discuss ideas for their upcoming blogs, which are published regularly on the school site.

So far this year, we have hosted the Scholastic Book Fair in November, and opened on weekends and evenings to welcome parents and pupils to browse and spend time in the library. There will be several more opportunities to visit as the year progresses, including another Book Fair in March, to coincide with World Book Day.

We recognise and celebrate the fact that books are a precious commodity and that our large and welcoming library is something to be cherished and incredibly grateful for and we are happy to be able to share this resource with parents and carers as well.