"We read to know we are not alone"
C.S. Lewis

The Learning Resource Centre at Scissett Middle School is a busy, vibrant and exciting environment which offers a wide range of resources to promote reading, facilitate research and arouse curiosity.

Books still constitute the main resource and to date, the centre has approximately 5,000 titles which are divided into 3 categories: fiction, non-fiction and reference. In addition, the centre receives daily copies of The Huddersfield Examiner and First News is delivered on a weekly basis. We also subscribe to a wide range of educational magazines.

In an increasingly technological age, we recognise the need to embrace advances in this field and so pupils have access to an ever-growing number of computers, audio books and Kindles.

A Year in the Learning Resource Centre 2018-2019


The first week of the term was particularly exciting for a group of Year 8 pupils. Before the holiday, they had read some poems and short stories written by Jonathan Bryan, a young boy with a severe disability. Having watched a documentary about Jonathan, the pupils were amazed to discover he was awaiting the publication of his autobiography, ‘Eye Can Write.’ As the title suggests, this determined writer actually wrote his story, not with a pen or even a computer but with deliberate eye movements which spelt every word, letter by letter. Inspired by his achievement, the pupils wrote to the young author and sent their letters and cards to Waterstones in Piccadilly (London) in time for his book launch.  Imagine their surprise, when each pupil returned to school to receive a personal message from Jonathan.

To generate some interest among Year 6 pupils and to encourage them to visit the LRC, a Roald Dahl Quiz was organised. Prizes were awarded to the lucky winners who demonstrated their extensive knowledge of this well-loved author and his books.


This year, lots of pupils responded to an advertisement and applied to become a librarian.  To demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, pupils had to explain the Dewey Decimal System as well as accurately returning a selection of books to the shelves.  Once Mrs Jessop had assessed their competence, the successful candidates were given their badges and set to work. 
The librarians help in the LRC, on a rota basis, at particular times during the week: morning break, lunch hour and the time dedicated to Accelerated Reader. As the year has progressed, particular pupils have shown a flair for certain aspects of the job. Tom, being a computer whizz, has become a library technician and is responsible for showing information on the wall mounted screen, as well as devising a system for booking computer use. Isabell and Sophia, being very creative, have assumed responsibility for designing displays.

Also in this month, 50 Year 5 pupils made their first visit to Scissett Middle School to participate in ‘The Big Fat Harry Potter Quiz.’ Suitably attired and carrying a selection of merchandise, the pupils settled down to demonstrate their knowledge of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ and ‘The Chamber of Secrets.’ With a spot question between each round, individuals had the chance to shine before the final scores were tallied and the winners were awarded a Harry Potter Calendar-the perfect prize to begin the new year!


The Scholastic Book Sale proved very popular both in the LRC and at The Christmas Fair.  Certain titles including ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio and ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ by Jeff Kinney were in high demand as well as posters featuring unicorns! The profit made from the sale was used to replenish library stock, topping up the copies of old favourites and investing in new titles such as ‘Ultimate Football Heroes.’ 


Inspired by a tutorial on YouTube, Year Six pupils tried their skill at creating a Christmas tree from an old paperback.  After lots of folding, a forest of trees emerged ready to be decorated with curled ribbon and silver stars.


To celebrate St Valentine’s Day, a Year 8 class participated in a speed dating event. The shelves in the LRC were decorated with Shakespearean quotes whilst the tables were adorned with red roses and love hearts. Armed with a book of their choice, the boys had the task of promoting their book to the girls, who secretly rated their performance on a score sheet. After an hilarious hour, the scores were tallied and Max, Harrison and Theo were declared the winners. Each received a packet of Love Hearts and a Valentine’s card.


The second Scholastic Book Sale of the school year was launched and true to form it generated much interest across all year groups. Popular titles were ‘The Ice Monster’ by David Walliams and ‘Mortal Engines’ by Phillip Reeve.

On World Book Day, two teams of pupils donned fancy dress and attended the Kirklees Literature Festival, ‘Page Turners,’ at Huddersfield Town Hall. Thomas, Lola, Hatti and Jessica represented Year Six and Isabell, Charlie, Dorothy and Emma represented Year Seven.  In recent years, the format of this competition has changed. Under the current rules, pupils have approximately 10 weeks to read twenty books. This is a huge feat which really demands team work of the highest order. Although the pupils missed out on a winning place, they had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.


Traditionally at this time of year, pupils raise money to buy library resources for Dukem School in Ethiopia. A group of boys in Mr Bishop’s class assumed responsibility for this year’s effort. They visited all the classes during registration selling raffle tickets for a basket of Easter treats. Mrs Potter, The Chair of Governors was the lucky winner whilst £108 was raised for resources.  Some time later, the school received an email from the charity’s representative in Ethiopia thanking the pupils for their generosity.


After the pressure of preparing for SATs, the pupils in Year 6 were delighted to ’kick up their heels’ and head off to Harry Potter World. There, they particularly enjoyed exploring Diagon Alley and discovering amazing facts about how the films were produced. Finally, they took time browsing in the shop and stocking up on favourite merchandise.


On Wednesday 12 June, teams of Year 6 pupils pitted their wits against each other in ‘The Big Fat Harry Potter Quiz.’  (Second edition) Armed with mascots and with aptly chosen team names, the stage was set for a tightly fought contest.  There were three rounds with all the questions based on ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ and ‘The Chamber of Secrets.’  The final scores were exceptionally close but just edging ahead to claim second place was a team called ‘Fluffy Friends’ (Eleanor, Kennedi, Hattie, Jessica and Isaac) and in first place was ‘Order of The Horcruxes’ (Kodie, Ruby, Ella, Erin and Rebecca) Prizes were awarded before the teams settled down to enjoy some Harry Potter magic on the big screen.


Inspired by a charity book sale in White Stuff, the librarians were tasked with the job of parcelling their favourite book in brown paper and string. Next, they wrote a synopsis and displayed the books in a basket. Presenting the books as mysterious gifts generated a high degree of interest among visitors to the library.

Finally, to promote reading during the summer holiday, each pupil received a list of popular books, recommended by the librarians and certain members of staff.

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