At Scissett we see the curriculum as much more than the curriculum we teach in lesson time. We believe education is very much about the education of the “whole child” and central to this is a rich and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities which are valued by pupils, staff and parents alike. We are extremely proud of the wealth of extra-curricular activities available to pupils. Extra-curricular activities are a great way to find new interests and hobbies and meet new people so please encourage your child to take part in as many as possible, activities they already enjoy and have an interest in and also to try something new.

Please see below for the current extra-curricular activities offered in school.

Clubs List

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Residential Trips

In addition to our extra-curricular Clubs, we also offer residential trips.

In Year 7, pupils are given the opportunity to visit Kingswood for a 2 night stay. This provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves, whilst working with others and building resilience. Students participate in a number of activities on the adventure plus programme as well as the water sports programme. They also have evening activities and sleep in the adventure lodges. More information can be found here:


We also offer a residential trip to Northern France for Year 8 pupils, staying in the Château Du Broutel, an 18th Century château on the outskirts of Rue. The trip gives students a chance to experience French culture and we visit, amongst other places, an aquarium, the beach and a French market. The highlight of the trip is usually our visit to Bagatelle (a theme park). To enrich the students’ understanding of World War One and life in the trenches (taught as part of the curriculum in Year 8) we incorporate visits to battle sites and memorials. There are also opportunities for the students to participate in group activities on-site at the château.

To find out more about the château, and to view the promotional video, please follow this link: