Our Curriculum

School Curriculum Lead: Mrs N. Hunter


At Scissett Middle School we ensure that our pupils enjoy a responsive, evolving curriculum that is rich in cultural exposure and underpinned by compassion. A curriculum which transcends the classroom and overcomes any perceived limitation. It is a curriculum which enables our learners to read, write, reason and problem solve and immerses them in broad, balanced, artistic and creative learning opportunities. 

Our curriculum develops RESPECT, resilience, excellence, support, pride, enjoyment, creativity and trust. These qualities ensure that our learners have intrinsic values such as a healthy zest for life, a keen love of leaning and demonstrate the confidence to excel.

This curriculum is designed to produce confident individuals who are next stage ready, a curriculum that also meets the needs of the whole child ensuring that they meet their full potential, a curriculum that is also mindful of our learners physical and mental health. We want our learners to be happy, fulfilled and productive so that they may develop a clear and ambitious path to map out their own futures. We wish them to drive towards their ambitions following the principles of growth mindset and demonstrate compassion, tolerance and respect in everything they encounter.

We will develop and use blended learning strategies to support the recovery curriculum from September 2020. We will help pupils catch up on any learning missed during the period of Covid-19 by skillfully re-planning and teaching curriculum content. 

Therefore, our curriculum with ensure all learners have access to:

  • Opportunities that allow them to develop aspirations in their future endeavours such as educational opportunities and careers.
  • A broad range of academic, sporting and artistic subjects as part of the core provision.
  • Learning experiences which allow them to explore their own identity, beliefs and views; to listen to those who may oppose them in order to develop understanding and tolerance.
  • Information which allows them to keep themselves safe from harm and promotes wellbeing in every aspect of their lives.
  • An extensive range of opportunities outside of the classroom which enables the awakening of individual interests.
  • A rich range of literature which develops a love of reading and an understanding of the world beyond their immediate surroundings with high quality teaching where the development of literacy and numeracy skills are woven through the entire curriculum.
  • Remote education so that there is no lost learning in periods of forced absence or school closure.


Scissett Middle School Curriculum Maps

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