At Scissett Middle School, we have a number of rewards that benefit pupils.


Positive Points

  • Homework - 5 points
  • Attitude to Learning - 10 points
  • Scissett Values - 10 points
  • Star Pupil - 20 points (5 nominations a week)

Pupils of the Week

  • Every form class will produce a pupil of the week. These are the pupils who receive the most positive points during the week. These pupils will receive a gift from the lucky dip box in the Head of Years office for their efforts.
  • Head of Year will send a postcard each week to the pupil with the most positive points.


End of Term Rewards

  • The class with the highest number of positive points in each year group will have a dress differently day on the last day of term.
  • Pupils with the right amount of points will be able to watch a film at the end of each term. They will be given a treat while watching the film. (If pupils get 10 of more negative points a week, they will not be allowed to watch the film.)
  • Prior to the film being shown, all pupils in the film will be added into the online spinning wheel and the winner will receive a £20 cinema voucher.



At Scissett Middle school we run the following behaviour system:

  • Verbal Warning - Not recorded
  • B1 - 5 negative points
  • B2 - 10 negative points
  • B3 - 15 negative points
  • No homework - 5 negative points
  • Corridor rules - 5 negative points
  • Equipment missing - 5 negative points
  • Lack of effort - 10 negative points


  • Mobile phone misuse is recorded as a B3
  • Chewing gum is recorded as a B3
  • Vapes or similar will result in an exclusion


  • A B3 will generate on-call, a session isolation followed by a phone call home from the teacher who requested the on-call. This will result in an after-school detention.
  • Lesson 1, 2 or 3 - pupil will be in isolation until after lunch. Return for lesson 4 and 5
  • Lesson 4 or 5- pupil will be in isolation for the remainder of the day
  • Any changes to isolation will be at the discretion of the Heads of Year or Pastoral Lead