School Uniform

At Scissett our aim is to have a uniform which is smart, simple, inexpensive and easy to obtain. Wearing school uniform is part of the process by which pupils begin to feel a sense of being part of our school. In addition, we feel that wearing uniform contributes to a school ethos where happiness, a sense of community, hard work and achievement are valued.

  • Plain white shirt, specifically designed to be worn with a tie. The shirt must be tucked in. Close fitting fashion shirts are not suitable for school use. Short sleeved shirts are advisable in summer.
  • School Tie - only clip on ties are acceptable.
  • Plain blue v-necked sweater with the school logo.
  • Plain, black tailored trousers. Skinny trousers, jeans, jeans styled trousers, cords, leggings, or tracksuit bottoms are not allowed: nor are combat-style trousers with large outside pockets. In warm weather, pupils may wear smart shorts or culottes (not casual shorts or sportswear).
  • Plain black skirt (NB – Tight, split and very short skirts are not allowed. Skirts should not be made of Lycra and should be around knee length)
  • Socks should be black, grey, dark blue or white.
  • Plain black leather / leatherette shoes which are entirely black with black laces / Velcro. Trainers, pumps, boots, shoes with logos or canvas shoes are not allowed nor are backless, platform or high-heeled shoes.
  • Should hair bands be worn these should be discreet and should be dark blue, black, grey or brown. Large floral arrangements, luminous, diamante or head scarves (unless for religious purposes) should not be worn. Please note that in practical lessons, such as Resistant Materials or Science, long hair should be tied back for safety reasons.


Children do need a school bag to transport books and equipment but it should be of a reasonable size (suggested length 50cm).



Only simple items of jewellery may be worn, for example, a watch. If ears are pierced (ear lobes only), 1 pair of plain studs gold or silver may be worn, but not ear rings please. Likewise, nose studs, eyebrow studs and rings are not acceptable nor is any other body piercing. Pupils wearing unacceptable items will be asked to remove them. Nail extensions / nail varnish should not be worn in school. Pupils wearing nail varnish or make up will be asked to remove it. Rings and necklaces are not allowed unless for religious reasons. A letter from parents, in this case, would be appreciated.


Hair and Make-up

We are a successful school because we insist on the highest standards.This also applies to appearance. Hair accessories should be plain and discreet. Extreme haircuts are not allowed.

Pupils may not wear make-up in school. This includes eye liner, mascara, foundation, lip glosses or lipsticks.


PE Kit:

Navy polo shirt with school logo.
Navy shorts or Navy Skort with school logo (both from uniform suppliers) and/or blue tracksuit bottoms or leggings with the school logo.
Hoodie with school logo and/or Football shirt with school logo.
Navy socks from uniform suppliers.
Sports trainers.
Strongly advise shin pads, gum shield (Hockey) and football boots for Rugby and Football.



In line with the AfPE guidance, all jewellery must be removed for PE lessons for safety purposes. We expect students to remove their earring studs before the lesson. It is advisable to remove them before arriving at school on PE days. If a child has just had their ears pierced, they may be allowed to tape them as a short term measure. This will not be for more than 6 weeks. The tape must be provided by the student and applied by the student at the start of the lesson.



All our school uniform can be purchased from:

Term Time Wear, whose shop is situated at 5 St. John’s Road, Huddersfield.
Telephone: 01484 453534.

Natasha School Wear, whose shop is situated at 2 Buxton Way, off New Street, Huddersfield.
Telephone: 01484 431260

Top Class School Wear, based in Skelmanthorpe
Contact numbers: 01484 862068 or 07525 740333  
Web address:
Email address:


Lost Property and Valuables

Please note that the School and The Mast Academy Trust cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, so please do not allow your child to bring valuable items to school.

The vast majority of our pupils are scrupulously honest. Lost property can usually be recovered very quickly if the loss is reported straight away and the items are named. Items can be reclaimed from the School Office. However, pupils should not bring valuables or large sums of money to school unless strictly necessary. Money must not be left in classrooms, desks or drawers. During a P.E. lesson valuables should be handed to the teacher for safe keeping. Radios, iPods and MP3 players are not allowed. Should they be brought to school and then lost, damaged or stolen, children would be very upset. Please do not let your children bring them.


MOBILE PHONES may not be used when children are in school and must be switched off before they enter school premises. They must be handed in during registration and will be stored in a padded box and kept in the School Office. They will then be returned to each class by the end of the day and must not be switched on until children have left the school site. This is for safeguarding reasons.



We now have lockers to rent £9 for the year. The money allows us to cover the cost of management and maintenance of the lockers and recoup the initial outlay over a number of years. Pupils may have their own locker or share one with a sibling or friend. The lockers are keyless and have codes which the children set at the beginning of the year. The office also holds a master key. Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals will be automatically allocated a locker free of charge. Pupils who do not wish to have a locker, can drop P.E. kit off in the morning and carry other items with them during the day. All pupils deposit bags in classrooms prior to break and lunch time.

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