Mutual Respect

Pupils are encouraged to help and support each other in their learning. They also show respect when pupils are answering questions, particularly when mistakes are made. The pupils recognise an individual’s strength and support their development, they are also encouraged to embrace diversity and treat all others with respect both in and out of the classroom. Problem solving skills and teamwork are fundamental to Mathematics, through creative thinking, discussion, explaining and presenting ideas. Pupils are always encouraged to develop their Mathematical reasoning skills, communicating with others and explaining concepts to each other. Self and peer reviewing are very important to enable students to have an accurate grasp of where they are and how they need to improve.


The Rule of Law

Behaviour for learning is reinforced in all lessons based on the school’s behaviour policy, reinforced in every lesson, enables pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the order according to which our school functions which helps them in turn understands how important the respect of rules is in the country generally, is. We teach the students to understand the consequences of their actions on themselves and others around them.

Individual Liberty

In lessons the department strive to encourage pupils to accept responsibility for their behaviour and respect for others within the lessons. The department encourage the students to develop self.



Everyone in Maths is encouraged to have their say and everyone’s opinion is respected. The skills of analysing data are taught to enable students to make sense of vast amounts of data available in the modern world around them. This should empower them to make informed choices when they are older.


Tolerance of Other Faiths & Beliefs

Mathematics is a universal language with a myriad of cultural inputs throughout the ages. In Mathematics we actively promote pupils' understanding of how other cultures have impacted on the Mathematics we use today. Within the Mathematics department we try to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural well-being of the students through the teaching and learning within the lessons and through extra.