Dear Parent/Carer,

As I mentioned in my email dated 24th October 2020 we have been looking at the way we can operate the School Stationery Shop in the current circumstances. We have now set this up on ParentPay as a standing item. I have attached a price list for your information. These prices are also on ParentPay. All you need to do is pay the total for the items you wish to purchase and state in the notes section what you would like and the quantity. These items will then be delivered to your child in school as soon as possible. 

If you have any queries regarding this please email with your enquiry.

Kind Regards

Mrs A Large
Head of School


School Shop Prices:

Purple Pen = 5p
Black Pen = 5p
Blue Pen = 5p
Pencil = 10p
15cm Ruler = 10p
30cm Ruler = 15p
Rubber = 15p
Protractor = 20p
Whiteboard Pen = 25p
Glue Stick = 35p
Compass = 45p
Pencil Case = 50p
Highlighters = 45p
Handwriting Pen/Fineliner Pen = 50p
Colouring Pencils = 75p
Small Calculator = £2.25
Pencil Case Deal = £3.50
Big Calculator = £8.99