Well, it's 2023! We've been back for 2 weeks and this year seems to be flying already!

That being said: For some, January can be a difficult time of year and many of us can struggle with the cold weather, dark mornings and post-Christmas slump.

We're here to tell you how we use books and reading-related activities to cheer ourselves up at times like these...



- Play "Spot the plot" differences in a book, versus the movie of the book.

- Join or attend a book club

- Write a joke book from a stand up comedy show (I recommend Brian Reagan)


- Read books about animals

- Read books about exploration

- Re-read a book you love



- Check out David Baddiel's books

- Go to a book club

- Go to the SMS Book & Biscuit club on Wednesday lunch times


- Read something you like

- Read with friends

- Read funny books

- Go to Book & Biscuit Club


- Read books about happy things

- Find a good series

- Meet up with friends to discuss books


- Avoid books about sad topics

- Meet up with friends to read

- Read in an odd or funny place


- Discover a new type of book

- Set yourself a challenge. E.g - how much can you read in an hour?

- Visit a local library

If you do feel down or are struggling, at any time, please don't hesitate to speak to someone you feel comfortable with: A parent, care, other trusted adult, friend or teacher.

And last, but not least, the library is open again to parents, carers and pupils tomorrow morning from 9.30-11.30am. Brush off those winter cobwebs and come for a browse with a hot drink and a biscuit. We hope to see you there!