Well... That was a busy week!

The Scholastic Book Fair was held this week, in the, newly-decorated, Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and it has been a rip-roaring success! You fantastic readers have spent over £2000 on books, making it the most successful book fair Scissett has EVER had!

What's more, the event has also raised money for the school to purchase more lovely books for the LRC, so thanks to our keen readers, we can replenish our library with new and exciting reads for everyone to enjoy!

Now that the book fair is over, we can carry on with preparing the library to be visited and used again by pupils, you can expect to hear from us soon about how to access the library and what you can do while you visit.

Mrs Hull has also been busy interviewing year 8 pupils for the position of "Junior Librarian", so there will be plenty of helpers once we're back up and running.

For now, here's an image that represents how we all feel after a mad week of selling books!

Keep reading everyone!

Your Reading Ambassadors