Inclusion Information

We have a number of policies in place which promote inclusivity at Scissett Middle School. A summary of these policies are shown below. Details of the full policies are available upon request.

Additional Needs Policy

Scissett Middle School is part of the family of First and Middle Schools, from which children transfer to Shelley College at 13.  Our aim is to provide a high quality of education for all our children within a caring and supportive environment.  At Scissett Middle School, Programmes of Study, linked to the National Curriculum, provide the basis for a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum.  Our emphasis is on equality of opportunity and on meeting the needs of each individual in the most appropriate way by providing encouragement and experiences to enable each child to develop self confidence and to achieve potential.

Gill Senior is responsible for Additional Needs at Scissett Middle School.

Disability & Equality

At Scissett Middle School we will continuously strive to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.  Each person in our school will be given fair and equal opportunities to develop their full potential regardless of their gender, ethnicity, cultural and religious background, sexuality, disability or special educational needs and ability. Our admissions policy does not discriminate against disabled pupils.

The school works actively to promote equality and foster positive attitudes and commitment towards it.

The school has a set of policies outlining in greater detail the procedures that are followed to ensure equality and diversity and these are available on request.

Gill Senior is responsible for inclusion in school.


Scissett Middle School is committed to safeguarding & promoting the welfare of all its pupils and staff. As a school, we always listen to what pupils and staff tell us, and, where necessary, act upon the information to ensure that our children and staff are free from harm.

We inform pupils to whom they might talk, both in and out of school and all children are actively encourage to speak to an adult about any concerns they may have. All teaching and non teaching staff receive on-going safeguarding training in according with the school’s safeguarding policy.

We are committed to working with all stakeholders, including parents and carers, openly and honestly. However, on the rare occasion where a pupil may be at risk of significant harm, consultation may be sought with Social Services in the first instance.

The school has a set of policies outlining in greater detail the procedures that are followed when safeguarding concerns are identified and these are available on request.

Gill Senior is the adult designated to lead safeguarding at Scissett Middle School.


Our aim is that all our pupils attend school every day that they are fit to do so. The staff and governors of Scissett Middle School believe that all pupils benefit from, and are entitled to, regular and punctual daily attendance at school.  This helps ensure that all pupils have the best chance to achieve their full potential. As part of this aspiration we will monitor and respond to any instances of poor and/or irregular attendance and/or punctuality and adopt a fair, consistent and even-handed approach. We will work closely with parents/carers, their families and all relevant support agencies to promote this.

Justin Hampson is the adult designated with responsibility for attendance.

Medical needs in school

The Governors and staff of Scissett Middle School wish to ensure that children with medical needs receive care and support in school.

Gill Senior is the adult designated with responsibility for medical needs at Scissett Middle School.

The Headteacher, Mrs Greenough, will accept responsibility in principle, for members of the school staff giving or supervising children taking prescribed or non-prescribed medication during the school day.