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Languages cannot be taught, they can only be learnt.

Luca Lampariello, Hyperpolyglot

At Scissett Middle School, French is taught once a week in Year 6 and twice a week in Year 7 and 8. Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes in all 3 years.

During their first year at Scissett, pupils build on and reinforce the knowledge already acquired in their feeder schools. We tend to concentrate on the Speaking, Listening and Reading skills gradually increasing the written input.

In Years 7 and 8, the grammar element increases dramatically, pupils are expected to write and speak more accurately and by the end of Year 7 to be able to use the future tense.
By the end of Year 8, pupils should be able to use both the past and the future tenses. For the last two weeks of their time with us, pupils switch to Spanish in order for them to get a taste of a different foreign language.

Towards the end of their final year at Scissett Middle, pupils are asked to choose whether they want to carry on with French or start Spanish at Shelley College.

The most able amongst them will be given the opportunity to do both in Year 9.

We work very closely with our feeder school colleagues as well as our Shelley and Kirkburton Middle schools colleagues. It is crucial for us to keep up to date with the changes with GCSE requirements in order to best prepare our pupils for the challenges they will meet when leaving us.

We are for example, starting to practice translation and dictation which are skills our pupils will now need to be familiar with when taking their Modern Foreign Language GCSE.

French Trip 2015

The French trip this year, started at half past midnight on Friday 12th June, with 90 very excited Year 8 pupils with no intention to sleep and 10 members of staff madly hoping that they would get some sleep at some point!

As usual, the first visit was at the bakery where a very outgoing French baker showed us the art of bread and croissant making. Saturday morning was spent at the market in Le Touquet followed by a picnic on the beach. 

In the afternoon, we went to the war cemetery of Ētaples, where pupils spent a very quiet and thoughtful hour or so, looking for names of possible relatives or simply walking through the graves. 

The next day, Sunday is our busiest day, Nausicaa, a sea life centre in the morning, followed by Bagatelle, the theme park in the afternoon.

Tuesday, our last full day, is spent at the chocolate factory in the morning and the snail farm in the afternoon, we even managed a picnic at the beach at lunch time!

Finally, on Tuesday we fitted in a visit to Cité Europe, a huge supermarket in Calais, before we got on the Eurostar. 


French Workshop Day - 24th June

The French workshop day is aimed at those pupils in Year 8 who particularly excel in the subject. Twenty-five pupils were selected to spend the day working together on a series of activities with, as a focus speaking skills. 

To help us, we asked a few specialists to assist us, Miss Bergin now retired,  kindly came back for the day, Annick Potts who has a degree in French and has spent 2 years in France, two “A” level French students from Shelley College and William, our bi-lingual Year 8 pupil. 

Pupils were divided into group and chose an activity which they had to present to the rest of the group at the end of the day. A lot of the groups chose to put various members of staff to the test, interviewing them in French!

The day was extremely enjoyable and hopefully helped re-enforce in a fun and light hearted way, the pupils’ love of languages.

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