Family Learning

At Scissett Middle School for the last few years, we have organised Family Learning sessions in both Literacy and Numeracy. These very well attended sessions are aimed at our year 6 parents who want to be able to support their children in the run up to the SATs tests in May. They had so far taken place in the afternoon, at school. However, so many parents who expressed an interest were unable to attend due to work commitments during the day that we suggested evening sessions. The response was so positive that we had to run two sessions per week.  

The first Literacy course of 6 weeks, had just finished and proved extremely useful for the brave parents who decided to attend. A few extracts from the feedback we received:  

“More difficult than expected...” 

“Loads of information” 

“I found it very informative” 

“It has helped improve my confidence in KS2 literacy”

“The choice of two evenings was helpful”

“It identified areas of the literacy SATs that I need to concentrate on with my son” 

We are now hoping to run a Numeracy course, in the evening again. Details will appear on the website as soon as Kirklees College who run the Family Learning sessions, have found a Maths tutor for us.